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Privacy Issues

Yes, New Zealand Companies Register is a public register.

Please do not email us with inquiries that your details must not be shown on the register.

By registering a company in New Zealand you obey to the New Zealand Company Law part of which is to make the information publicly available. There are other business structures which may suit you and at the same time will not disclose your private details.


Coys is just a search engine.

We cannot modify information. We simply present what's already available at the New Zealand Companies Office but we hope we do it simpler and more intuitive.

We prefer not to be contacted in order to direct all our energy towards improving the site.

But should you wish to report an issue with the website or any other inquiry please and we will do out best to reply promptly.

You can also write to us at:
PO Box 37704
Auckland 1151
New Zealand

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